Blue Fluff Books

Brighter books for brighter children.


Blue Fluff Books are currently accepting submissions from new creative authors! We are looking for a body of text that is not only linguistically and gramatically perfect, but also fun and educational. If you are immensly proud and ready to submit your work to the World then we can't wait to read it.


In the title field of your e-mail please put your name followed by the title of your book then send it to:



Make sure you have read, re-read and re-re-read both your main body of work and your cover letter. This is our very first impression of you and therefore it has to be perfect.

Only submit your work when you are 100% happy with it. Never rush. Although we may work with you to tweak and twonk a few things, we are looking for pieces of writing that need nothing but a cover and a stand in a bookshop window.

Our main focus are books for children up to twelve years old. If you're submitting a book aimed at children up to seven, bare in mind that the book must appeal to the parent as well, as they may have to read it just as many times as the child.

Although we like books that use challenging vocabulary, we don’t really like books that raise issues that are in any way overtly didactic. We are aiming for distribution throughout bookshops in the UK and beyond, so we can’t easily publish things with a niche and/or a local interest.

We do acknowledge receipt of submissions, but not always straight away. If after two weeks you haven't had notification that we have received your work then please re-send it stating 'RESEND' in the title.

We would only acquire world rights in all languages, so if your book is already traditionally published in any territory or in any language, it won’t work for us.


Good luck and hopefully we will speak to you soon!