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Blue Fluff Books are delighted to say that 'Nana's Knickers', the wonderful children's book by author Nico Russell is continuing it's success across the country.


Written with wonderful rhythm and rhyme, the book takes the reader on an amusing adventure as Nana wakes up to find her favourite pair of knickers have gone missing. On the advice of her grandchildren she retraces her steps from the previous day in an attempt to solve the mysterious disappearance:


"Well I definitely had them at breakfast, as I'd only just put the things on!

And I certainly had them at tea-time, when the vicar popped in for a scone!"


The book came about thanks to Nico's niece and nephew's unceasing appetite for new stories. The process of postulation to paperback took him just over two years as he was very eager to produce a book that was fun and easy to read, but which would also challenge them in parts.










Author: Nico Russell


The hand-painted illustrations by the very talented Charlie Meyer are full of colour and detail with new things to see and find with every read. Children especially like the fact that on almost every page a tiny little mouse is hidden somewhere in the picture.

Nico has visited many schools around the country giving readings and writing work shops for the children, helping them write their own stories, explore words and form fun characters. He was also invited to Alder Hay Children's Hospital in Liverpool to launch their new reading initiative, 'Word on the Ward' which aims to help children recover faster, and aleiviate stress and bordom whilst receiving treatment. Click here for more information:: http://www.alderhey.word










Nico launches 'Word on the Ward' Nico at Moreton Hall School Young fans via Mumsnet


We are delighted with the success of Nana's Knickers, the debut book from Nico Russell. It is already a best-seller in some bookshops, and loved by all who read it, but don't just take our word for it...


“We all enjoyed reading it and I felt that the quality of the rhyme and the illustrations were both very high.”

Alison Keeley - Booktrust


“My son (aged 3) really enjoyed it and actually sat still throughout, which is praise indeed and only something

that Julia Donaldson had achieved prior to this!”

Georgina Edwards – Mumsnet Chelmsford


“It’s a good title, and as we know knickers are always a winner. The scansion is consistently good which is itself surprisingly rare, I find!”

Suzanne Carnell – Macmillan Children’s Books


“Having used his poem in our Remembrance Service it was an absolute pleasure to invite Nico Russell to judge

our annual poetry competition and read his wonderful book to the children, they absolutely loved it.

What a talented young man he is!”

Hil Richardson – Bassett House School, London


“It flows beautifully and the rhyming keeps even the smallest children fixated on the story. Nana’s Knickers

has quickly become a book that all the family can enjoy together.”

Sarah Debnam – Mumsnet Newport & Gwent


"Wow, this story packs a punch! It's a jolly, calamitous read that moves along at a very neat pace. The character

of Nana is very humourous and I really enjoyed the way she speaks and the way that Nico has written her.

Maria Tunney - Walker Books


“Morton Hall was very grateful to Nico for coming in and doing a reading for the smaller children and running

a ‘writer's workshop’ for the Year 4s. His book was thoroughly enjoyed by all and had the children

and staff in fits of laughter.”

Catherine Ford – Moreton Hall School, Oswestry


“We love the book, Nana's Knickers, it's fantastic! It's such fun and the illustrations are

wonderful. It's the most popular book on the ward.

Irene Axon – Alder Hey Children’s Charity

“Charlie Meyer’s beautifully coloured hand-painted illustrations on the front cover of a very flummoxed Nana had my daughter intrigued. Her ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Ahhhs’ before we had even opened the first page were definitely a good sign.”

Julia Roche - Mumsnet Rutland & Leicestershire


“Even on the fourth time round my daughter was finding new things, the little mouse was a particular favourite.”

Julie Harwood - Mumsnet Peterborough


“It’s great fun and romps along at a terrific pace. Nico is clearly very talented.”

Rona Selby – Andersen Press



'Nana's Knickers' is available in all good book shops and on-line at the link below:


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"The quality of both rhyme and illustrations are very high."

Alison Keeley