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Blue Fluff Books are very proud of the titles we have published or are in the process of publishing. Each book we put our name to is one that we believe in 100%, so our readers can trust that when they invest in a Blue Fluff Book, they know they won't be disappointed. Take a look at our current and future publications...















































Nana's Knickers by Nico Russell

The beautifully told tale about the day that Nana lost her favourite pair of knickers. Written with wonderful rhythm and rhyme, the book is a hilarious fun-filled story with a twist of mystery and intrigue! Can you work out where Nana's knickers might be?

Mary The Scary Hairy Fairy by Cherry Brae

We all know that fairies are beautiful little happy things that are there to help us, but Mary is different. She's fat, lazy and HATES helping people. But could it be, that under that rather scary exterior, lies a heart of gold?

A Camel, A King And Some Carrots by Nico Russell

This wonderful book from Nico tells the long-ago tale of Egor the merchant who attempts to sell some carrots to the Karakum King. All is going to plan until Egor’s camel, Katrina, becomes a little peckish.

The Note That Nobody Wrote by Barbara Beard

What a mystery! When Ben and his friend's visit his Grandfather's farm for the weekend they discover a mysterious note that leads them on a frightening adventure. Do ghosts really exist?

Mr Wobberly-Bottom by Andrew Hiram

Mr Wobberly Bottom owns a rather fantastic jelly shop and supplies the finest jelly creations that you have ever seen. When Amna's birthday party plans go disasterously wrong, Mr Wobberly-Bottom has the perfect plan to save the day!

The Day I Saw A Gwollerbob by India Purdey

Grandpa is in charge for the day, and when the rain doesn't look like stopping, the children fear that it will be another boring day inside. But Grandpa has other ideas, and the adventure begins to look for the rarest creature of them all, the Gwollerbob, who only comes out when it's pouring with rain!

The King Of Silly Island by Ian Farf

Has there ever been a King like this one? I doubt it! He has chocolate porridge for breakfast! He sits on his horse backwards and he has the smallest throne ever! But wait until you meet the other residents of Silly Island!

Thumbs Up For Captain Crumb by Ian Vanderbyl

In the first of the 'Thumbs Up' series, Captain Crumb and his crew passengers as they sail